Questions children ask: friends posting your photos

‘Questions children ask’ is a series focusing on eSafety questions that children have asked us.

How do you stop your friends posting your photos?

The best way to do this is to make your friends aware that you don’t want photos of you appearing on the Internet; good friends will respect this.

If you ever find that someone has posted a photo of you online and you don’t want it there, you should talk to the person who posted it and ask them to remove it. Good friends will do this straight away. If the photo isn’t removed, you should contact the service it has been posted on and they might be able to remove it for you.

If someone’s bullying you by posting images or videos of you, contact the service they’ve been posted on and they should remove them for you. To do this on Instagram, click here.

Remember, there’s not much stopping people from re-posting or sharing images of you that are already online, so if you really want to keep your photos private, keep them off the Internet in the first place. Never post risky or inappropriate photos or videos of yourself online; they could easily be shared too and may lead to you being very embarrassed.